Atajos de teclado para Blender 2.9

A continuación les dejamos un listado de los principales atajos de teclado para Blender 2.9:

General (most window types)
Herramienta Atajo
Toolbar T
Properties N
Add Object/Node Shift + A
Delete X or Delete
Search for Function F3
Move G
Scale S
Rotate R
… along axis _ then X/Y/Z
… along local axis _ then X,X/Y,Y/Z,Z
Trackball Rotate R, R
Precise movement Shift (hold)
Incremental movement Ctrl (hold)
Duplicate Shift + D
Duplicate Linked Alt + D
Hide H
Unhide All Alt + H
Hide all Except Selected Shift + H
Annotate D (hold) + LMB (drag)
Erase Annotation D (hold) + RMB (drag)
Quick favs menu Q
Navigation (3D viewport)
Herramienta Atajo
Orbit MMB
Pan Shift + MMB
Zoom In/Out Scroll or Ctrl + MMB
Fly Shift + ~
View (3D viewport)
Numpad views:
Herramienta Atajo
Isolate /
Top 7
Up 8
Opposite 9
Left 4
Persp/Ortho 5
Right 6
Front 1
Down 2
Side 3
Camera 0
Focus .
Herramienta Atajo
View Pie Menu ~
Fast View Switch Alt + MMB (drag)
Show All Objects Home
Zoom to region Shift + B
Object Mode (3D viewport)
Herramienta Atajo
Mode Pie Menu Ctrl + TAB
Edit/Object mode toggle TAB
Mirror Ctrl + M then X/Y/Z (or MMB (drag))
Set Parent (to last selected) Ctrl + P
Clear Parent Alt + P
Toggle Snapping Shift + TAB
Clear Location Alt + G
Clear Rotation Alt + R
Clear Scale Alt + S
Apply Location / Scale / Rotation Ctrl + A
Join Selected Objects Ctrl + J
Copy Attributes to New Objects Ctrl + L
Add Subdivision level Ctrl + 0/1/2/3/4/5
Mask view to region / Clear mask Alt + B
Center 3D cursor Shift + C
Move active object to collection M
Move Active Camera to view Ctrl + Alt + Numpad 0
Set as Active Camera Ctrl + Numpad 0
General Selection (most window types)
Herramienta Atajo
Select LMB
Select All A
Deselect All Alt + A or A,A
Marquee Box Select B or LMB (drag)
Circle Select C
Lasso Select Ctrl + RMB
Invert Selection Ctrl + i
Select Linked Shift + L
Select Similar Shift + G
Select from many Alt + LMB
Shading (3D viewport)
Herramienta Atajo
Shading Pie Menu Z
Toggle X-Ray Alt + Z
Pie Menus
Herramienta Atajo
Pivot point pie menu .
Snap pie menu Shift + S
Orientation pie menu ,
Selection (Edit Mode)
Herramienta Atajo
Select Connected Mesh Ctrl + L
Select Connected Mesh Under Cursor L
Select Edge Loop Alt + LMB
Select Edge Ring Ctrl + Alt + RMB
Vertex Select Mode 1
Edge Select Mode 2
Face Select Mode 3
Mirror current selection Ctrl + Shift + M
Grow/Shrink Selection Ctrl +/-
Edge Crease Ctrl + E
Curve Editing (Edit mode)
Herramienta Atajo
Add new handle E or Ctrl + RMB
Change handle type V
Delete but maintain connection Ctrl + X
Close curve Alt + C
Tilt Ctrl + T
Clear Tilt Alt + T
Modelling (Edit Mode)
Herramienta Atajo
Extrude E
Inset i
Bevel Ctrl + B
Bevel Vertices Ctrl + Shift + B
Loop cut Ctrl + R
Vertex/Edge Slide G,G
Knife K
Fill Face F
Shear Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S
Bend Shift + W
Split Y
Rip V
Rip Fill Alt + V
Merge M
Recalculate Normals Shift + N
Invert Normals Ctrl + Shift + N
Proportional Editing On/Off O
Proportional Falloff Type Shift + O
Separate to new object P
Texturing (Edit Mode)
Herramienta Atajo
Unwrap U
Mark Seam Ctrl + E
UV Editor
Herramienta Atajo
Select Island L (under cursor) or Ctrl + L
Stitch V
Weld Shift + W
Pin P
Unpin Alt + P
Select Pinned Shift + P
Image Editor (View)
Herramienta Atajo
Properties, Scopes, Slots and Metadata N
View at 100% 1 (Numpad)
View to Fit Shift + Home
Next Render Slot J
Previous Render Slot Alt + J
Select Render Slot 1-8
Save Image Alt + S
Save Image As Shift + S
Image Editor (Paint)
Herramienta Atajo
Create New Blank Image Alt + N
Open Image Alt + O
Brush Properties N
Brush Size F
Brush Strength Shift + F
Sample Color S
Flip Color X
Nodes (Materials / Compositor)
Herramienta Atajo
Cut Connection Ctrl + RMB (drag)
Connect selected F
Properties N
Delete selected but maintain connection Ctrl + X
Duplicate selected and maintain connection Ctrl + Shift + D
Mute Selected M
Group Selected Ctrl + G
Ungroup Selected Ctrl + Alt + G
Enter/Exit Group (Toggle) TAB
Frame Selected Nodes Ctrl + J
Show/Hide inactive node slots Ctrl + H
Herramienta Atajo
Move backdrop Alt + MMB
Zoom backdrop V / Alt + V
Properties and performance N
Herramienta Atajo
Brush Selection Shift + Space
Brush Size F
Brush Strength Shift + F
Brush Angle Ctrl + F
Angle Control R
Stroke Control E
Mask (box) B
Mask (brush) M
Clear Mask Alt + M
Invert Mask Ctrl + i
Hide (box) H
Herramienta Atajo
Render F12
Render Animation Ctrl + F12
Playback rendered animation Ctrl + F11
Set Render Region Ctrl + B
Clear Render Region Ctrl + Alt + B
Animation General
Herramienta Atajo
Play/Pause Playback Space
Reverse Play Ctrl + Shift + Space
Scroll through frames Alt + Scroll
Next/Previous Frame Left/Right arrow
First/Last Frame Shift + Left/Right arrow
Jump to Keyframe Up/Down arrow
Add Keyframe on current frame i
Delete Keyframe on current frame Alt + i
Animation (Timeline / Dopesheet / Graph Editor)
Herramienta Atajo
Toggle Dopesheet Ctrl + TAB
Toggle Frames/Seconds Ctrl + T
Zoom to fit active keyframes Home or . (Numpad)
Set Keyframe Interpolation T
Set Keyframe Handle Type V
Set Keyframe Extrapolation Shift + E
Mirror Keyframes Ctrl + M
Set Preview Range P then LMB (drag)
Auto set preview range Ctrl + Alt + P
Clear Preview Alt + P
Marker M
Rename Marker Ctrl + M
Animation (Timeline / Dopesheet / Graph Editor) (cont.)
Herramienta Atajo
Bind Selected Camera to Selected Marker Ctrl + B
Select keyframes before/after current frame [ / ]
Select all keyframes on current frame Ctrl + K
Graph Editor
Herramienta Atajo
Add Keyframe at Cursor Ctrl + RMB
Properties and Modifiers N
Lock Selected Channel TAB
Rigging (Armatures)
Herramienta Atajo
Add new bone E
Duplicate bone Shift + D
Bone Settings Shift + W
Roll Ctrl + R
Clear Roll Alt + R
Recalculate Roll Shift + N
Align bone Ctrl + Alt + A
Switch bone direction Alt + F
Dissolve Bone Ctrl + X
Split Y
Separate P
Scroll Hierarchy ] and [
Posing Mode
Herramienta Atajo
Add Keyframe i
Clear Location Alt + G
Clear Rotation Alt + R
Clear Scale Alt + S
Apply Pose Ctrl + A
Propagate Pose Alt + P
Push Pose from Breakdown Ctrl + E
Relax Pose to Breakdown Alt + E
Pose Breakdowner Shift + E
Copy Pose Ctrl + C
Paste Pose Ctrl + V
Add IK Shift + i
Add Pose to Library Shift + L
Paste Pose Flipped Ctrl + Shift + V
Add Constraint Ctrl + Shift + C
Window General (most window types)
Herramienta Atajo
Toolbar T
Properties bar N
Maximise Area (but keep toolbar) Ctrl + Space
Fullscreen Area Ctrl + Alt + Space
Quad view Ctrl + Alt + Q
Change Window Type (Under Cursor)
Herramienta Atajo
Movie Clip Shift + F2
Nodes Shift + F3
Python Console Shift + F4
3d Viewport Shift + F5
Graph Shift + F6
Properties Shift + F7
Video Sequencer Shift + F8
Outliner Shift + F9
UV/Image Shift + F10
Text Shift + F11
Dope Sheet Shift + F12